Consider the Value of Used SUVs in San Antonio

How many SUVs do you notice in San Antonio, TX? Quite a few, right? Have you ever thought of how odd it is that SUVs are so popular, meanwhile so many people decry them as "gas guzzlers" or otherwise wholly impractical? This is because the happy people in San Antonio that drive SUVs know things that everyone else doesn’t.

SUVs are quite versatile and efficient, and the whole myth about them being fuel-inefficient is no longer true. In reality, most modern SUVs get between 22-30 MPG highway, depending on the particular model or age. They’re also very green, with ever-decreasing carbon footprints, moves toward hybridization, and with many manufacturers, plans for electric offerings once batteries and charge times improve. Check out our selection of used crossovers and SUVS today to find your ideal ride!

Pre-owned SUVs offer the ruggedness and scale of truck chassis, with the big difference being that the extra space where a truck has a bed offers foldable or removable seats for your SUV, allowing for climate-controlled, weather-proof hauling of impressive amounts of cargo or passengers. In fact, used SUVs are excellent for families, for professionals, and for those road trip enthusiasts eager to see America.

At Gunn Automotive Group, our used SUVs in San Antonio are subject to tremendous criteria by the manufacturers and local business regulations. Multi-point inspections must be done, checking out every system critical or non-critical to the operation of each vehicle. The SUV must be like new, with the only hint that it’s been driven before being the number on the odometer.

The bottom line is that if you want the versatility, power and safety of a modern SUV, but the significant price of a new one just isn’t in your budget, you’re not without options. You can come see us today for a like-new used SUV that’s perfect for your lifestyle and your needs. Rethink SUVs, and rethink preowned vehicles. Come to Gunn Automotive Group and value your trade today!

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