Gunn Automotive Group is Your Expert Source for Service and Parts

Gunn Automotive Group takes pride in a lot of different things. We're proud of the cars we sell. We're proud of the deals we're able to offer our customers to make them affordable. One more thing we're proud of? Our onsite service center, and the help we're able to provide so our customers can keep their cars on the road longer.

If you need the help of a professional service team, reach out to our dealership in San Antonio, TX. We can connect you with service, parts, and a convenient appointment to handle all your maintenance needs.

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Why Choose Gunn Automotive Group for You Service?

Gunn Automotive Group is home to some of Texas's best cars. We're also home, however, to some of its best service help. Our onsite service centers are staffed by factory-trained technicians with years of collected experience. When you combine their expertise with professional-grade tools and access to OEM-supplied parts, you get a service team with the resources to handle just about anything.

If you come to us looking for something simple like an oil change or tire rotation, we can help you. And if your needs are more complicated than that? We still won't break a sweat. We can diagnose your vehicle's problems and find the solution you need to get back on the road and back to your day.

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Schedule Your San Antonio, TX Appointment

Does Gunn Automotive Group sound like the solution to your service and parts center needs? Give us a call today to schedule a visit or place a parts order. Our friendly team of experts will be ready and waiting to provide any assistance you need. Don't hesitate to give us a call or a click.

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