Right now, hybrid vehicles are more popular than ever. In fact, just about every automaker has at least one hybrid model in their lineup. One of the leaders and innovators in hybrid vehicle technology is Honda. For years, people have been buying new Honda hybrid vehicles across the country. Here is a look at why Honda continues to lead in hybrid vehicle sales.

Hybrid Vehicles Based on Popular Brands

There are many people who still haven't purchased or leased a hybrid yet. Therefore, many drivers may be hesitant to drive a hybrid model that they have never heard of before. To solve that problem, Honda has created hybrid vehicles from their biggest sellers.

Right now, you can get a Honda hybrid version of the top-selling Honda Civic small sedan, the Honda Accord midsize sedan, the Honda CR-V compact SUV, and other top Honda vehicles. These hybrids have a familiar look both inside and out which makes them easy for drivers to understand and drive.

Affordably Priced

Honda hybrid vehicles are also affordably priced. In fact, San Antonio drivers will not find a huge price difference between a Honda Accord and a Honda Accord Hybrid. When you add the available federal and state tax incentives, not to mention the fuel savings, a Honda hybrid is actually a smart purchase or lease decision.

Long Term Reliability

Some people worry that a hybrid system is extremely complex and prone to maintenance issues. However, Honda hybrids enjoy the same high level of reliability as every other Honda vehicle. When someone drives a Honda hybrid, they have the peace of mind knowing that their vehicle will last. That's why so many people are driving Honda hybrids these days.

Strong Dealer Network

People want to buy a hybrid from an automaker they know and trust. Honda has one of the largest dealership networks in North America. That means that anyone can buy a Honda hybrid and know that they have fast and inexpensive access to service and parts when they need it.

If you are interested in test driving a Honda hybrid vehicle, please visit or contact Gunn Automotive Group to arrange for a test drive.

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