New Electric Vehicles for Sale in San Antonio

New Electric Vehicles - Striking Inventory

At Gunn Automotive Group in San Antonio, you can browse the latest electric vehicles by the top brands from our new vehicle inventory. If you're shopping for an EV, stop by our dealership near Schertz for a test drive.

Chevrolet - The Pioneer

Chevy is a leader in the electric vehicle marketplace. This company always has new Chevy vehicles in the pipeline. The current flagship electric vehicle from Chevy is the Bolt. It's a powerful EV with useful technologies.

Our Spotlight Vehicle by Chevy - The Bolt

The Chevy Bolt is all about convenience. You can charge its battery at your home or one of the many charging stations around Geo.

If you're looking for a quick EV, the Bolt is a winner because it possesses Sport mode. This mode makes the transmission more responsive.

GMC - The Innovator

If you need a powerful EV, GMC has a sound lineup. Unlike most brands, this company makes mighty EV hummers. A GMC Hummer is an excellent alternative to a convention truck or SUV.

The GMC Hummer EVs aren't as widely available, but you can reserve one on the GMC website.

Nissan - The Technical Giant

Nissan EVs utilize advanced technologies. This brand is a trend sitter with very high standards.

Our Spotlight Vehicle by Nissan - The Leaf

The Leaf is a popular, award-winning vehicle by Nissan. Kelley Blue Book recognized the Leaf as the best electric vehicle in its class for five consecutive years.

We sell the following versions of the Leaf at our dealership:

  • The Leaf S
  • The Leaf SV
  • The Leaf S Plus
  • The Leaf SV Plus
  • The Leaf SL Plus

A Leaf S comes with leather seats, a Bose audio system, a removable car cover, etc. If you're not seeing the ideal Nissan Leaf that fits your lifestyle, explore our entire lineup of new Nissan models online today.

New Honda Hybrid Models for Sale Near Schertz

Our new Honda models include a wide range of hybrid options, from spacious family-friendly SUVs to compact sedans and hatchbacks. Our new hybrid Honda lineup includes the following models near San Antonio:

  • Honda Accord Hybrid
  • Honda CR-V Hybrid

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The automotive landscape is changing. With an electric vehicle, you'll stay ahead of the curve. At our dealership near Live Oak, TX, we accept trade-ins, offer on-site financing, and are ready to help you get behind the wheel and test drive your favorite EV through Selma, TX.