Top Gunns Help Sort Hundreds of Shoes For the Homeless at Christian Assistance Ministry

Gunn Auto is first group following COVID closure

Christian Assistance Ministry, CAM, provides many services to meet clients' immediate physical needs while also addressing the needs of the mind and soul.  CAM is also a vital connection for clients who need long-term support by providing referrals and advocating for the client to other nonprofits and/or government agencies. 

Last year CAM assisted 50,000 individuals, with more than 15,000 of those being homeless. In addition to social service assistance, they provide a daily sack lunch, showers, transportation to medical appointments, prescription medication assistance, hygiene kits, clothing, shoes and help to secure important documents such as birth certificates.

Our Top Gunn volunteers were tasked with sorting shoes that they have been collecting for more than a year! Shoes were sorted by type and size and inspected for durability. Shoes are one of the most important things you can have while living on the streets. They serve as transportation, they serve as protection for their feet and in many cases they serve as protection for their valuable identification cards. May will take their shoes off and use them like a pillow to make sure their most important possession is safe. The shoes will be given out at an upcoming distribution for the homeless.

CAM operates with eight full time staff and a regular volunteer force of 250. For more information about CAM, please visit