Gunn Vehicle Shopper's Guide

Shopper's Guide

What to expect and how to prepare

For most people, buying or leasing a vehicle is one of the biggest financial decisions they make. At Gunn, we want you to enjoy the process. And we want it to be a good experience, no matter where you buy.

Before you shop, here are some things to consider, wherever you go.

Price Claims

Unfortunately, there are games some dealers play – and worse – there can be a few sneaky tricks involved. We want you to know what to watch out for. If you understand what's really going on, you’re more likely to have a good experience.

Many dealers offer something that sounds similar to Gunn’s One Simple Price®, but they aren’t the same. Posted prices & menu pricing don't always work exactly as suggested. They often have unadvertised add-ons, accessories and or fees. Prepare to negotiate.


Ask to see the addendums, add-ons and fees right off the bat and ask if the price is negotiable. A Buyer’s Order is a bill of sale between you and the dealer. It requires that all costs be disclosed. No room for tricks.

"Price Match Guarantees" rarely happen. They often come with so many disclaimers that it's virtually impossible to get the dealership to honor their promise. Read the fine print.

Price is just one part of the overall value. Other factors that will greatly impact whether you get a good deal are your trade-in value and financing options and costs.

Price + Accessories + Trade Value + Finance Rate = Total Value

Trade Games

"Trade-in Offers" should be in writing. And make sure the amount a dealer offers you for your trade doesn't change once you start negotiating.


  • Get Trade-Ins in writing and make sure a manager signs off on it
  • Make sure the offer is good for a few days and a few miles, while you shop around
  • Ask if their offer to buy your vehicle is valid, whether you buy a vehicle from them or not

Tricky Advertising

Here are some of the more common ‘bait and switch’ techniques. Pay attention to the hard-to-read fine print.

A really good deal, but only available on 1 vehicle.


Look for number of vehicles at that price, and make sure that exact vehicle or exact same vehicle at the same exact price are on the lot before you go to the dealership.

Prices or discounts that include incentives you don't qualify for.


Read the fine print. Terms like “conquest,” “with financing through,” and “loyalty” are examples of the types of incentives that come with qualifiers. They are special incentives not available to everyone and have specific requirements in order get the savings.

Unadvertised addendums or accessories that are added to the price after you pick a vehicle.


Again, always ask to see addendums, add-ons, and fees right out of the gate.

In-Store Pressure

Just because you’ve spent the time, doesn’t mean you should take the deal. Unfortunately, many dealers specifically wait until you’ve been at the store for several hours before they reveal additional costs, fees or addendums. And most dealers commission their salespeople based on how much you end up paying. If at any point – several hours in or not – you feel uncomfortable, be prepared to walk. Don’t leave feeling like you could have done better.

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