Let Gunn Auto Group Buy Your Car

When you are looking for your next new car, there is one issue you may not immediately consider. What are you going to do with your current car? Do you plan to keep it? Or will it just be taking up space in your garage? You need to ask yourself, 'should I sell my car?' Let Gunn Auto Group solve that problem for you. We will buy your car from you when you come to San Antonio for your new vehicle.

Discover Trade-In Value or Sell Price for Your Car, Truck or SUV

At Gunn Auto Group, we buy used cars and make selling your car quick and easy. No more guessing about how much you should get. With our Value Your Trade tool, you get a reliable estimate on your potential trade. It's a no-obligation tool as you can decide to go in another direction if you please, but often times people know we offer top dollar and give you the chance to easily sell your vehicle or trade it in for a new or used car we have here. Your trade helps us bolster our inventory, so we can provide some of the best cars to San Antonio drivers.

Why Sell or Trade-In with Us?

There are plenty of ways you can benefit when you trade-in your car. Get an estimate on your trade that you like and let the team of appraisers in San Antonio give it a thorough investigation. We will offer you money on the spot. What you do with that offer is up to you. Feel free to take the money and run or use that money toward your next new-to-you-vehicle from Gunn Auto.

Let us help you get rid of your current car. Even you don't buy one of our excellent used cars to benefit from this service. But it all starts with you finding your car's value. The entire process is quick and safe. Don't feel like you need to take a guess on your car's worth and slap a window in the sticker. We put the certainty in selling your car. When you come to Gunn Auto, you come armed with the knowledge to put you in the driver's seat.

If you're ready to get started or have any other questions, contact us at Gunn Auto Group and we'd be happy to provide more details.